Is there an opportunity as a CDLP™
in your market?

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The Divorce Market is often overlooked as to the true size and opportunities available as a mortgage professional. This $11.4 Billion Dollar industry is nothing to take lightly.

Breaking Down the Numbers


According to the CDC as of 2018*



*Note: Divorce statiscs lag by 2 years.



According to the Financial Divorce Association



Is there an opportunity for you as a CDLP in your market?


The following table shows the potential opportunities per CDLP™ per Metropolitan Areas. These opportunites are calculated using the above statistics.


For example:



Note: The 1 CDLP per 250,000 population is our figure that provides each CDLP with the greatest opportunity of 100 units annually in any given MSA.

Are you missing out on the opportunity to not only help and serve the divorce community but also the opportunity to grow a strong and sustainable divorce lending arm of your mortgage business?